Sidney Arias


A Graduate of George Washington University with a Degree in Business Management and Political Science, Mr. Sidney Arias has been an internationally recognized Polygrapher for more than thirty years. Mr. Arias received his initial training from the Miami Polygraph Institute in 1981. He is a founding member and initial President of the International Association of Latin American Polygraphers and has been an active member of the American Polygraph Association since 1981.

Mr. Arias is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences as well as an honorary member of the Colombian Association of Professional Polygraphers. With more than thirty years of practicing experience and as a certified instructor, Mr. Arias has instructed and assisted Polygraphers throughout Latin America and the United States.

Sidney Arias is the Author of the book entitled “El Poligrafo, Guia Practica”. He is the founder and owner of the Latin American Polygraph Institute since 2002. His Institute has been one of the primary sources for training of new Polygraphers as well as one of the primary sources for the administration of polygraphs throughout Latin America.

Mr. Arias is the recipient of the American Polygraph Associations “Dorothea Clinchard” award for his extensive work in the field of Polygraphy. He is also a recipient of the award of excellence presented by the International Association of Latin American Polygraphers.

Mr. Arias is fluent in both Spanish and English.