We are a global company that provides services and solutions in security, intelligence, technology, innovation and training. We are a leader in high value solutions and services. Our business model allows for development of customized solutions, reducing costs, leveraging existing resources and managing risks more efficiently. Ultimately protecting people from new threats that they are exposed to every day. 

The basis of our corporate responsibility lies in the ability to offer solutions always tailored to need, based on best practices and innovation.




May: Strategic Alliance with APEIROO LABS 

June: Launch of uFreedoms

August: Authorized Distributor PEPPER BALL ®


July: New Member of OSAC


January: Strategic Alliance SEkURA Tranding (Costa Rica)

March: Opening offices in Costa Rica


February: Strategic Alliance NUCLEO - SEkURA

June: Star-up operations in Honduras

September: New offices in Brazil and India


January: Start-up operations in the US

March: Incorporation of Strategic Partners

April: New office in Peru

November: Master Security Week


Founding of SEkURA

SEkURA is dedicated to insuring the continuity of security for our clients. With our dedicated group of professionals we guarantee efficiency and exemplar results. Responsible management is the cornerstone of our economic sustainability:

A business strategy that ensures clear and strong international growth of the company.

Transparency, accuracy and thoroughness.

A solvent management team ensuring good governance of the company.

Work for you

We understand that in order to obtain the best results we need to be immersed, not only in the evaluation and design, but equally involved in the implementation of each and every project. We insure that the end result corresponds with the objective and desire of our client.

Experience &

Our team is our principal asset. Our success is based on our desire and compromise to satisfy the needs and desires of our client in every circumstance. This commitment is reinforced by the unparalleled experience our team members have gathered over the course of many years. SEkURA is comprised of more than 40 specialists with ample experience and recognition in their areas of expertise.

Know how to help

For more than 30 years, our team has been working tirelessly to develop a more secure world. Working closely with governments, corporations, and international organizations.

With a sincere and open line communication, we listen to your needs and include you in every phase of our proposal. Our final product always offers multiple alternatives.