We have the knowledge, years of operational experience and practice in each of the areas necessary to assess and manage every client’s securityto evaluate your organization and ensure that you are prepared. We are meticulous in every aspect of the operation, whether for a government, corporation or institution. 

Our experience allow us develop global solutions, integrating security surveillance capabilities, control programs and management systems and intelligence information. All supported by the latest technology and a proven team of professionals.


At SEKURA we have the experience, tools and knowledge necessary to quickly and flexibly develop comprehensive training plans, designed specifically to meet the client’s needs in different threat environments.

Enjoying maximum security requires a rigorous training program with certification as well as a continuous improvement plan.


Our mission is to offer products manufactured to the highest quality standards, not only meeting the current and future needs of our customers but also improving our clients expectations. Innovation is key to delivering solutions that best suit your needs. Years of experience have allowed us to develop a network of alliances with companies around the world, covering our client’s equipment needs. The products selected by Sekura have been tested and rated as the best by the governments of several countries.