Enjoying maximum security requires a rigorous training program with certification as well as a continuous improvement plan.

At SEkURA we have the experience, tools and knowledge necessary to quickly and flexibly develop comprehensive training plans, designed specifically to meet the client’s needs in different threat environments.

For years, our team has helped clients from the private sector and government, providing the best instruction and preparing police and security officers with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill their mission.

Interview and Interrogation

TheoryInterviewing Lab
Interviewing Practical Exercise (PE)

Intelligence and Terrorism
Security Operations, Intelligence and Counter Intelligence         Electronic Sources of Information  
Intro to Terrorism 
Fusing of Intelligence Sources 

Motor vehicle operations

Physical Tactics

Practical Aspects of Law Enforcement


Narcotics and Human Trafficking
Protective Services
Threat and Risk Assessment
Personal Protection Assessment and Design
Protecting the Office, Building and Personal Residence
Protecting Key Personnel and Family Members
Vehicles and Movement (Route Selection)
Communication Techniques and Equipment
Emergency and Crisis Protocols

Executive Travel Protection

Establishing Command Control Centers

Transportation and Aviation Security
Perimeter security
Passenger, cargo and baggage screening
Behavior detection and recognition
Document screening
Emergency response and recovery
Major Events Management
Analysis and implementation of security measures and countermeasures
Identification and credentialing
Assessment of potential threats