Francisco Caballero


International experience for over 15 years in cyber security, worked in Spain and living in Mexico and Argentina for 3 years. Methodology creation on forensic analysis, Wireless and Intelligence. Instructor in Forensic themes, Mac devices, ethical hacking and wireless networks. Training in finding vulnerabilities in Windows operative system and web applications. Keynote speaker in several international conferences. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in Digital Research and Computer Forensics on University College of Dublin.

He is a well-known expert programming exploits, especially buffers overflows and intrusion-oriented attacks on computer systems through the use of hacking techniques. Likewise, he is an expert in the correction of such failures and in the application of countermeasures.
Languages: Perl, Python, C, C++, JavaScript, Shell, Visual Basic
Security/Network: Firewalls, routers, digital signatures, encryption, RSA, content switches, VPN, DNS, wireless, Wi-Fi Exploits frameworks, Metasploit, Canvas
Applied Concepts: Information retrieval, thin-client computing, multicasting, unicasting, credit-card processing, usability, computer-support collaborative work, content management, e-commerce, information organization/taxonomy, knowledge engineering, load-balancing, fault-tolerance, visualization, streaming, Unix, Windows NT environments, remote administration of servers through smart phones.
Hardware Incident Response: XRY, Voom, Dossier Forensic, Cellebrite, LANTERN, Oxygen, Image MASSter, XWays, etc.

CTO & Founder of uFreedoms®