Alfonso del Castillo

Founder, CEO

With over 18 years of experience he has had ample opportunity to acquire knowledge at the enterprise, business and corporate development levels in Spain and in Latin American countries, in the area of technology and in particular in the field of Information Security. 

In recent years he created and developed companies, generating projects and establishing appropriate channels for technology and services in Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil. He also created the subsidiary S21sec in USA, based in Houston and Miami, developing from start the positioning, strategy, seeking investors and agreements with companies, at the highest level of communication. 

Alfonso Del Castillo is a frequent guest speaker at conferences of Cyber Security, is also the author of numerous articles and safety tips. He graduated as a Systems Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, CISA and CRISC certified by ISACA. Mr. Del Castillo also conducted a master for senior management executive at IPADE in 2010. 

Among his qualities and skills include; ability to develop opportunities, good analytical and planning abilities, work habits that are productive and efficient, and ability to solve problems and make decisions. Highlighting the skills to manage work groups and companies, participating in the organization and defining the strategy of the company. 

In 2004 he joined S21sec, where he served as Chief Operation Officer until 2007, as a member of the Steering Committee. He was responsible for the creation of the team that gave support to the productive business units of the CIA., With more than 200 technicians under his command; Audit Department, Integrating internal and external products, and Managed Security eCrime SOC 24x7. He was also the head of the design and implementation of methodologies, management programs and designing new services. 

In 2008 he was appointed Director of Corporate Development, leading the process of internationalization of the company. Transferred his residence to Mexico, where he established and developed S21sec in Mexico City and Monterrey. He led the acquisition of a local Mexican company and integrated with the rest of the company to the new security crew, defining the legal framework, procedures, etc. He also created the business structure required to work in countries like Colombia, Honduras, Peru, India, Chile, Haiti, Panama, Mexico and Brazil. 

Since 2009 he moved to U.S. where he created and developed the company in Miami and Houston, continuing business development in Latin America and coordinating the other countries. He also established a distribution channel with security companies in several countries and alliances with international organizations.